Elite universities slip in teaching quality ranking

Elite universities have tumbled down a new university ranking when judged on their teaching quality as critics say they spend too much time on research, writes Javier Espinoza for The Telegraph.

Institutions which are typically at the top of research rankings appeared further down the tables with Oxford University in 28th place rather than the first place it enjoys in the World University Rankings. Separately, the analysis of 120 institutions showed Cambridge University dropping from second place to 12th place and Imperial College London in 37th place rather than third.

The results emerged as critics said top British universities rely on their “designer label” rather than the quality of the educational experience to get students “through the door”. The Russell Group, which represents some of the UK’s most exclusive universities, said it would be “wrong” to place any importance on these tables as the analysis is “likely to be inaccurate and misleading”.
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