Police officer sentenced to 20 years for murder of student

A police officer has been found guilty of the murder of student Bassirou Faye, who was shot during clashes between police and students at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop or UCAD, the country’s leading university, in August 2014.

Dakar criminal division sentenced the officer, Sidy Mohamed Boughaleb, to 20 years' imprisonment with hard labour and fined him FCFA50 million (US$85,000), to be paid to Faye’s family, reported Radio France Internationale or RFI.

The policeman denied killing Faye during the clashes on 14 August 2014, and claimed he had left the university campus when the shooting took place. But a student witness identified him as the perpetrator, said RFI.

This was the first time a police officer had been convicted in such a case. In 2001 student demonstrator Balla Gaye was also killed during a confrontation with police, and his death is commemorated every year by the university community although no-one has ever been charged, reported RFI.

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