Six universities to open yoga departments

Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has announced that six central universities will start new or revamped yoga departments from the upcoming academic year and the number would be raised to 20 within a year, reports Press Trust of India.

The action is in line with recommendations of a panel headed by headed by HR Nagendra, also regarded as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru, that had suggested various kind of courses ranging from certificate courses to bachelor, masters and PhDs for yogic sciences. Nagendra was also present at the seminar.

In her speech, Irani said that modern science depends on empirical evidence and asked heads of technological institutions to provide research to back claims related to the benefits of yoga. “Today I call upon all those professors, researchers and academicians who can help us quantify empirical evidence with regard to the benefits of yoga and yogic sciences,” Irani said, adding that this would provide a boost to this area.
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