25 Indians told to leave US university after admission

Media reports say at least 25 Indian students in their first semester of a computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University have been asked to return to India or find placement in other universities because they did not meet the admission standards of the university, reports NDTV. The reports coincide with the United States visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

James Gary, the chairman of Western Kentucky's computer science programme, told The New York Times that "almost 40" of the students did not meet the requirements of their admissions, even though they were offered remedial help by the university. This means that 35 students may be allowed to continue while 25 "must leave", the newspaper said.

Gary said permitting the students to continue in the programme would "be throwing good money after bad" because they were unable to write computer programmes, a necessary part of the curriculum and a skill that US universities teach to undergraduates.
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