Non-European graduate students to pay tuition fees

The University of Helsinki has announced its decision to impose tuition fees of €13,000 to €18,000 (US$14,500 to US$20,000) on its postgraduate students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, reports Aleksi Teivainen for Helsinki Times.

The tuition fees will be adopted for a total of 34 masters degree programmes taught in a foreign language starting in autumn 2017. The University of Helsinki explained in a press release that the tuition fees have been determined based not only on the costs of the programmes but also on its profile and on the tuition fees charged by other universities, especially elsewhere in the Nordics.

The fees will be introduced in conjunction with an education reform that will rationalise the degree programmes offered by the University of Helsinki and emphasise their quality and multi-disciplinary dimension. More than a half of the new masters programmes will be taught in a foreign language.
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