Students demand allocation of 4% of GDP for education

Students from various parts of the country organised a pre-budget rally demanding the allocation of 4% of gross domestic product for education. They also called for 25% of the total education budget to be allocated for higher education and for the introduction of immediate reforms in the higher education sector, reports Pakistan Today.

The rally was organised by Anjuman Talaba Islam, or ATI, Punjab in Murree. ATI Pakistan Secretary for Information Syed Waqar Ali Shah called for recognition of the importance of education for the socio-economic development of the country.

Former ATI media cell chairman Muhammad Akram Rizvi highlighted the fact that, according to the recent QS rankings, Pakistan’s higher education system has been ranked at the bottom with a 9.2 score as compared to China at 83.5, South Korea at 80.1, Singapore at 62.3, India at 60.9, Chile at 46.7, Saudi Arabia at 36.7, Turkey at 26.1, Kazakhstan at 25.1, Lebanon at 19.8, Ukraine at 16.6 and United Arab Emirates at 10.9.
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