University bans boys and girls from sitting as a couple

The Sargodha University Lahore campus has banned “one-on-one” sittings of boys and girls on campus, including classrooms, terming it against Islamic “cultural” norms, in a case of moral policing, reports PTI.

“In view of our cultural and religious bindings and complaints by parents, inappropriate interaction between male and female students is hereby strictly prohibited within the university premises,” the notice states. “We have imposed a ban on sittings of male and female students together in ‘couple form’ on the complaints of parents. Parents have objected to the boys and girls sitting together especially in [the] classroom,” Sargodha University Director Mian Javed said.

Sargodha University is the first public sector institution which has imposed this kind of ban in recent times. Ali Ahtasham, a student of Sargodha University, said that the administration has actually given in to the pressure of a student wing.
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