Universities ignore vilification of Jews – Chief Rabbi

Britain’s Chief Rabbi has slammed universities for a lack of urgency in dealing with a growing trend of anti-Semitism on campuses, writes George Bowden for The Huffington Post UK.

Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said that academics should be ashamed of their ignorance of anti-Jewish abuse among students. “I cannot imagine that any vice-chancellor should be proud of the fact that vilification of a people has been taking place on their campus,” he said.

Rabbi Mirvis, who leads Jewish people throughout the Commonwealth, has spoken out after growing concerns over “Zionist bashing” and “Jew hate”. He told the Sunday Times: “We have seen what Jew hatred can be a template for in history. What troubles me is that the Zionist bashing on campus has gone unchallenged. Echoing the growing debate around safe spaces for debate on university campuses, Rabbi Mirvis said: “Freedom of speech needs to take place in a healthy and appropriate context.”
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