Students vote to sabotage university rating plans

Students have found a weapon in their battle to stop the government raising tuition fees still further. At a conference in Brighton they have voted to sabotage two key surveys unless the government withdraws its planned reforms, write Alfie Packham and Emma Jacobs for the Guardian.

The National Union of Students will boycott both the National Student Survey, or NSS, and the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education, or DLHE, survey, which provide statistics the government needs to carry out its plans.

The government intends to introduce a Teaching Excellence Framework which will rank universities on a range of factors, including how well students rate them in the NSS. The DLHE reveals what students are doing six months after graduation, and is used to determine a university’s ‘employability’ rating. Universities that do well in the Teaching Excellence Framework are likely to be allowed to charge higher fees. If the government refuses to abandon this plan, the National Union of Students says it will mobilise students to campaign for a boycott.
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