Calls grow for university chancellor ouster

The University of California's student association has called on University of California, Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to resign amid revelations that the university paid to remove Internet references to a 2011 incident in which police pepper-sprayed students, write Sarah Parvini and Ruben Vives for the Los Angeles Times.

The group is the latest to join a growing call for Katehi to step down after it was disclosed that UC Davis paid at least US$175,000 to clean up its online reputation. Newly released documents obtained by the Sacramento Bee show the university was determined to improve both its image and that of Katehi.

In a statement, UC Davis officials defended the efforts as an important part of an overall communications strategy. “It is important that the excellent work underway at UC Davis with respect to educating the next generation of students, pursuing ground-breaking research, and providing important services to the state is not lost during a campus crisis, including the crisis that ensued following the extremely regrettable incident when police pepper-sprayed student protesters in 2011,” the statement said.
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