University discards student gender segregation notice

After rejecting his notice to ban the mingling of girl and boy students on and off campus, the Swat University has suspended its chief proctor, Mohammad Bilal, over the “unlawful” move, writes Fazal Khaliq for DAWN.

The university’s public relations officer, Aftab Ahmad, told reporters that the issuance of notices on policy, academics or other administrative affairs without the permission of the vice-chancellor was illegal. The PRO said the university provided equal opportunity of education to both male and female students and did not believe in ‘gender discrimination’.

A notice issued by the chief proctor of the Swat University’s Kanju Township campus stated the girl and boy students were not allowed to sit or walk together on the campus and outside. It added that if students male or female were found together on campus, they would be fined and that their parents would be summoned to discuss the matter.
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