Two more Israeli universities to open centres in China

For the second time in a week, an Israeli university has announced a major new project with a Chinese institution of higher learning, writes David Shamah for The Times of Israel.

On 5 April the University of Haifa said it would establish a joint laboratory building on the campus of East China Normal University, the largest university in Shanghai. The lab will specialise in research in ecology, big data, biomedicine and neurobiology. The building will be funded entirely by the Chinese government, the University of Haifa said. The deal was similar to one announced a week before by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, which said it was establishing a joint centre for entrepreneurship and innovation with Jilin University, the biggest university in China.

Over the past five years or so, business relations between Israel and China have blossomed. “The Chinese – investors and governments alike – are realising that a tech economy, like the one Israel has, is their best growth option, and in the coming years, this is going to be good news for both Israelis and Chinese,” according to Andrew Zhang, a consultant who has engineered numerous deals between some of China’s biggest banks and tech firms and Israeli start-ups.
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