Prime minister wants overhaul of HE regulators

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for a new body to subsume the present higher education regulators, and the National Institution for Transforming India Aayog has been told to suggest a new framework after consulting stakeholders, reports the Hindustan Times.

A committee headed by National Institution for Transforming India, or NITI, Aayog Vice-chair Arvind Panagariya and having members from various fields of academia has been constituted to give recommendations in three months, sources said.

A NITI Aayog functionary said replacing the existing higher education regulatory bodies – the University Grants Commission, All India Council for Technical Education or AICTE, National Council for Teacher Education or NCTE and the Medical Council of India or MCI – was on the agenda of the committee’s discussions. The existing bodies could be replaced by a National Commission for Higher Education, whose operational framework would be formulated by the NITI Aayog panel. Senior functionaries in regulators such as the MCI, the AICTE and the NCTE have of late been accused of corruption and favouritism in the absence of clear and transparent guidelines.
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