Government to fund science scholars’ post-doc research

The government has embarked upon a scheme to fund ‘pure science’ scholars who have completed their PhDs to enable them to continue their post-doctoral research in India, reports Press Trust of India.

The National Post-Doctoral Fellowship was launched a month ago and would fund around 1,000 scholars this year. Applications have also been invited for the same.

Ashutosh Sharma, secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, said: “We have found that scholars are more vulnerable to go abroad after their PhD degree... There are many universities and institutes abroad that offer the PhD graduates post-doctoral opportunities. This is why we have embarked upon this scheme. Once they get a post-doctoral fellowship in India for three years, they can continue with their research and get prepared for a job in Indian institutes and universities. Once they bag a job, the chances of their going abroad are less.”
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