Heavy recruitment of Chinese students sows discord

Chutian Shao moved from China to the Midwest college town of Champaign a few years ago. Some days, he says, it feels as if he hasn’t travelled very far at all. On a recent Monday, the 22-year-old woke up in the apartment he shares with three Chinese friends. He walked to an engineering class at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he sat with Chinese students.

Then, he hit the gym with a Chinese pal before studying in the library until late into the night. He recalls uttering two fragments in English all day. The longest was at Chipotle, where he ordered a burrito: “Double chicken, black beans, lettuce and hot sauce.”

At first glance, a huge wave of Chinese students entering American higher education seems beneficial for both sides. International students are clamouring for American credentials, while US schools want their tuition dollars. But on the ground, American campuses are struggling to absorb the rapid and growing influx – a dynamic confirmed by interviews with dozens of students, college professors and counsellors.
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