Israeli society calls for boycott of Ariel University

A group of over 1,000 Israeli sociologists announced last week that they will sever all academic ties to Ariel University "since it is not located in Israeli territory”, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Professor Uri Ram, the newly elected president of the Israeli Sociological Society, called last Monday for the boycott of Ariel University, located in Samaria. The boycott initiative by Ram, of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, will first need to pass a vote of the Israeli Sociological Society, which includes some 1,000 researchers and academics.

The members are expected to discuss the initiative at an upcoming society meeting in April. Should the motion pass, it would mark the first time that an Israeli academic association would boycott an Israeli university. Education Minister Naftali Bennett responded to the reports and said he sees the issue of an “internal boycott” as a very serious matter.
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