Universities free to decide retirement age – Minister

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh says any decision on professors’ contract renewals will be decided by the public universities themselves, writes Hashini Kavishtri Kannan for New Straits Times.

Idris said universities as autonomous bodies are free to decide the matter: "The decision to renew or discontinue professors’ contracts will be up to the university as they have the autonomy to do so… All appointments are up to the universities; it is not something that is decided by the ministry."

Idris was commenting on news reports quoting National Council of Professors CEO, Professor Datuk Dr Raduan Che Rose, who said that 156, or 33% of 507 contract professors aged between 61 and 70 years at public universities did not have their contracts renewed as a result of budget cuts at the tertiary institutions. Idris explained that universities will take into consideration the track record possessed by professors who have reached the mandatory retirement age of 60.
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