Minister calls for fighting ‘Amazigh extremists’

In his keynote speech during the first session of the ‘People’s University’, organised by the Popular Movement party, Lahcen Daoudi, Morocco’s minister of higher education and scientific research and training, criticised the exploitation of the issue of Tamazight to “fight the Arabic language and Islam”, writes Ezzoubeir Jabrane for Morocco World News.

The minister asserted that the fight for the equality of Tamazight with Arabic in Morocco is a legitimate ask. However, he claimed that there are entities that “defend what is right, and there are others who are seeking other things”.

The minister warned against what he referred to as “Amazigh extremists” and called upon people to “fight them” as they drag the country into the abyss of “racial extremism”. This session came after the Amazigh League for Human Rights sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon asking him to intervene to “take immediate measures and public policies that respect the Amazigh identity of Morocco, correct errors in textbooks, especially with regard to the Tamazight, and give the Amazigh the freedom to exercise their cultural, economic, social, political and environmental rights.”
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