Chancellor calls for scrapping of European graduate gown

Governor Ram Naik has asked all universities in Uttar Pradesh to do away with Western attire at their convocations and opt for traditional ethnic wear, writes Ishita Mishra for TNN.

Addressing the 81st convocation of the Dr BR Ambedkar University recently, Naik, chancellor of all 25 universities of the state, said that universities must do away with what he called the "European graduate gown culture".

National Students’ Union of India, or NSUI, leaders said that Naik is acting as a BJP – Bharatiya Janata Party – agent and trying to saffronise universities across the state. "Everyone wants to wear a black gown. It is the dream of every student to raise the cap in the air after receiving the medal. Are we not using the rail tracks made by the British? Are we not using the highways and roads made by them? Then why do away with the gown?" asked Amit Singh, NSUI's Agra unit president.
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