ISIS imposes curriculum in schools and universities

Human Rights Commission member Fadel al-Gharrawi said last Tuesday that the ISIS terrorist organisation has imposed its own curricula in all schools and universities in Nineveh province, reports Shafaq News.

Al- Gharrawi said in a statement that such content was considered by the organisation as "important lessons that must be received by students” and it threatened all departments of schools and universities with death if they refused to implement the teaching of this curriculum, which encouraged violence and fear and legitimised killing citizens as “infidels or apostates or rejecters".

The statement from Human Rights Commission member al-Gharrawi said that "this requires the international community to refer ISIS gangs file to the International Criminal Court”. It demanded that UNICEF and UNESCO condemn these criminal acts, especially in using ideas of jihad and violence in educational curricula, and consider them as serious “crimes against humanity”.
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