University releases anti-extremist textbook

A university in Russia’s Urals region has published 3,000 copies of a book targeting young people, Muslim clerics and civil servants, detailing the deceits used by Islamic State and describing the dangers that await the possible recruits to the terrorist group, reports RT.

“Without any exaggeration, the whole world is now fighting with the Islamic State. Their principles are inhumane and destructive for the very foundations of humanity. As we study Islam and Orthodox Christianity in the theology department of our university we can expertly explain the processes that are now taking place in the world,” the chancellor of the Ural State Mining University said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

“The Russian President is now allocating a lot of his attention to the explanations over the issue. Our country is setting an example on how to correctly oppose extremists. These are the reasons behind our ‘ISIS is not Islam’ book,” the rector said.
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