Arts graduates are a burden – Minister

Lahcen Daoudi, the minister of higher education, said earlier this month in Rabat that holders of a BA in arts and humanities will be a burden on their families and on the community, writes Larbi Arbaoui for Morocco World News.

During his speech at the inauguration of the new branch of professional baccalaureate in Rabat, the minister said that many arts and humanities graduates go back home with “no practical knowledge” that will help them find work. According to the minister, this problem is mainly caused by “the gap between education and the labour market demands”, leading the students to become unemployed and “a burden on society”.

The minister, who had previously declared that there are “too many graduates in arts and humanities and not enough maths and science students”, believes that orienting more students into scientific disciplines “will be one of the key ways to improve employment and to fight against unemployment”. Daoudi believes that the high percentage (9%) of arts and humanities graduates this year compared to those in science poses a real threat to Morocco.
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