Reports of fake degrees and diplomas on the rise

The Indonesian National Police say more complaints have been lodged against higher education institutions that are alleged to have issued fake degrees since the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education filed a report against one such institution last month, writes Fedina S Sundaryani for The Jakarta Post.

The National Police’s detective division chief, Commander General Budi Waseso, said that they were currently looking into reports from the Medan Police in North Sumatra which targeted the University of North Sumatra. Budi said that investigators were looking into two possibilities – if students had bribed the university to get diplomas or if the college lacked the proper permits. According to initial evidence, investigators suspect that the rector of the university, Marsaid Yusnar, has issued more than 100 fake diplomas of the 1,200 he issued overall since 2008.

Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir recently announced during a surprise inspection of the International Management Institution of Indonesia, or LMII, in Central Jakarta that all degrees issued by the institution were invalid since it possessed only a permit for short courses, not a higher education permit.
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