Researchers meet to promote multidisciplinarity

Some 350 higher education lecturers and researchers attended Morocco’s First Forum of Scientific Research to discuss their experiences, present research findings and – especially – promote multidisciplinarity.

The conference on “Exchanges and Multidisciplinarity” took place in the faculty of sciences Semlalia at the University Cadi Ayyad in Marrakesh, with the chief aim being to develop multidisciplinary skills, reported Libération.

The faculty’s dean, Professor Hassan Hbid, said the forum had made it possible to “break the compartmentalisation between departments and subjects”, reported Libération. “Our aim is to establish exchanges to move towards multidisciplinarity and create a strong motivation for PhD students.”

So the conference programme focused on cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes, reported Libération.

These included a half-day of collaboration with ANAPEC, the national agency for promoting employment and skills, on opening the university to the business world, employment and employability of graduates.

Participants debated “Establishing a model of relations between individuals, groups and populations: From the unit to urban masses”; “Application of the GPS positioning system in geology and meteorology: The cases of Morocco, Tahiti and New Zealand”; “Solar cells: technologies, costs and potential”; "Presentation of results of inquiry into future needs of the employment market”; “Difficulties of graduate employment and key skills for success”; and “For an education-employment balance”.

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