Thousands of students protest against federal budget

Police have clashed with university students and forcibly removed a 15-year-old girl in a heated protest against higher education changes outlined in the federal budget, writes Jane Lee for The Age.

Police and university students clashed on the steps of parliament in Melbourne as dozens of police officers on foot and horseback attempted to quell the growing unrest. Students had earlier burned a copy of the federal budget in protest at the Abbott government's reforms to higher education that could result in students paying higher fees and greater interest on loans for their degrees.

After protesters marched to parliament, about 20 started a sit-in on the Spring Street tram tracks. They formed a ring around the teenage girl, believed to be a Camberwell High School student, who became the centre-point of the protest. The teenager, who identified herself as Tallulah, sat on tram lines and other protesters linked arms in a tight ring around her to block police officers from removing her. Police eventually removed the group, lifting them by the arms and legs one by one.
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