For-profit sector makes substantial cuts

The dramatic collapse of Corinthian Colleges isn't the only shake-up happening in for-profit higher education, as a broad swath of the sector is shutting down or selling off campuses after years of declining revenue and enrolment, writes Paul Fain for Inside Higher Ed.

On 6 May two of the largest for-profit chains announced substantial cuts. Education Management Corporation, or EDMC, said it would gradually phase out 15 of 52 campus locations of the Art Institutes, which is one of the better known brands among for-profits. Roughly 5,400 students attend the closing campuses.

Likewise, Career Education Corporation unveiled a broader restructuring, saying it will close or sell everything but its Colorado Technical University, or CTU, and American InterContinental University, or AIU, holdings. Those two universities, however, enrol most of the for-profit's roughly 45,000 students – 20,300 for CTU and 13,500 for AIU, according to company officials.
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