EU edges closer to higher education targets

Eurostat figures have revealed that the European Union is edging closer to its Europe 2020 target in education, writes Peter Taberner for Prague Post.

The share of people who have attended a tertiary education college or equivalent, has risen from 23.6% in 2002, when the series started, to 37.9% in 2014, for those between the ages of 30 and 34. Women have benefited the most from this increasing trend, as 42.3% have now been university educated or completed a course at a higher technical education institution, up to last year. The latest figures have confirmed a 17.8% rise in learning achievement for women compared to 2002, as back then 23.6% had completed tertiary education courses.

For men the increase was less significant as the leap was smaller, from 22.6% to 33.6% over the same 12-year period. The target for Europe’s 2020 strategy is that 40% of 30-34 year olds should have completed a higher education course.
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