Better job opportunities for graduates

Mountains of student debt, flattening wages and a tough job market have made many people question whether pricey college degrees still lead to good jobs. The answer is yes: job opportunities for college-educated workers have never been greater, according to a new report, writes Akane Otani for Bloomberg.

The report, published last week by Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, found that from 1967 to 2007, the share of high-skill management and professional jobs rose 14% and that those jobs represent 35% of all US jobs.

The results belie one widely held belief about the economy: that over the last four decades, lucrative jobs have disappeared and been replaced by high numbers of low-skill, low-wage service jobs. In fact, over the same period, opportunities for low-skill workers declined 10%. These low-skill labour roles, such as fast food server, retail worker and dishwasher, now make up only 29% of jobs. The numbers show that, contrary to the pessimistic views of some, college-educated workers are in significantly more demand today than they were a couple of decades ago.
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