A proliferation of Islamic finance courses

Nestled in a tree-lined gorge on the main railway line between London and Scotland, Durham University is the unlikely seat of Islamic finance teaching in the United Kingdom. Now a swathe of other UK universities want to emulate the worldwide reputation for Sharia finance that Durham has achieved, writes Angela Jameson for The National.

Here, in the third-oldest university in England, a world heritage site, students have been coming to learn the principles of Islamic finance for more than a quarter of a century. Now a swathe of other UK universities – University of East London, Reading University, Aston University, Warwick University, Bangor University to name just a few – are launching Islamic finance courses. With Islamic finance investments forecast to exceed US$3.4 trillion by 2018, the UK government wants to make London one of the centres for Sharia-compliant finance of the world.

A total of 59 schools across Britain are teaching Islamic finance, up from fewer than 10 a decade ago, according to the University of East London. Courses range from short, executive education programmes, designed for people already working in finance, to full undergraduate degrees, masters and PhDs.
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