Oklahoma is latest to address racism at fraternities

Their reputations sullied by race-tainted incidents, many colleges are clamping down on campus fraternities. Despite some swift and tough actions by colleges – and in some cases, public humiliation – episodes such as the racist chants by members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma keep surfacing, write Kimberly Hefling and Jesse J Holland for Associated Press.

In recent years, numerous other fraternities have been suspended and students expelled for racially tinged parties or behaviour, such as hanging nooses or shouting racial profanities.

"All too often the outcry has been, 'Look at those bad apples we need to root out'," said Nolan L Cabrera, a professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona. "When in fact the conversation we need to have is, 'Why is this occurring on such a widespread level throughout the country?'"
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