Government mulls tuition fees for some courses

The state secretariat’s new higher education strategy reveals that the government is considering the introduction of a tuition fee for several popular university programmes, while other programmes, such as degrees in communication, would be abolished completely, reports Hungary Today.

The Ministry of Human Resources had recently informed university and college deans of the plan, which includes the cancellation of several popular programmes, such as degrees in communication. Other courses – such as andragogy – would be available only to students prepared to pay a tuition fee. Other popular programmes will be available only at the National University of Public Service if the strategy, which foresees a 15% reduction in the total number of courses, is implemented. Changes are expected to take effect in September 2016 if the strategy is adopted.

State Secretary responsible for higher education, László Palkovics is expected to decide on the issue by late March. Last year, the state secretary said that economically unviable university and college BA and BSc courses may well be abolished.
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