'Worst idea ever' to end English education

The suggestion by the Danish People's Party, or DF, that Denmark's universities should stop offering courses in English was roundly criticised by political opponents and readers, who said that the real losers would be Danish students, reports The Local.

Offering university courses in English “makes no sense” according to the anti-immigration DF, which has once again called for Danish universities to abandon teaching in a second language. DF’s education spokesman, Jens Henrik Thulesen Dahl, told Metroxpress that eliminating English-language courses would put an end to foreign students coming to Denmark and receiving a student stipend from the government.

Thulesen Dahl’s statement comes at a time when English-language education in Denmark has exploded. According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the number of students enrolled in English-language courses at the nation’s institutions of higher learning has gone from 4,653 in 2009 to 7,376 in 2014 – an increase of 58%.
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