Academics’ report exposes dictatorial rectors

A group of academics has compiled a report on widespread rights violations at universities in Turkey, claiming that rectors have turned into “rectotators” – a combination of rector and dictator, reports Hurriyet Daily News.

The report, titled “Rights Violations at Universities and Higher Education Institutions”, was prepared by 76 academics from 47 universities, who are members of teachers' union Egitim-Sen. The report criticised the excessive authority given to rectors and the increasingly "arbitrary" manner of their conduct.

“The rector has vast authority, such as implementing [Higher Education Board] YÖK’s decisions, preparing the university’s investment programmes, budgeting and staff needs, changing the positions of academics and other personnel, taking security measures, and conducting scientific and administrative surveillance and auditing,” read an excerpt of the report.
Full report on the Hurriyet Daily News site