Harvard law professors slam sexual assault plan

One of America’s most prestigious law schools got a legal slap on the wrist, and many of its professors are unhappy after the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced that Harvard Law School had failed to respond adequately to student claims of sexual harassment and assault and was therefore in violation of Title IX, writes Elizabeth Kulze for http://vocactiv.com.

The decision will see that the Ivy League law school revises its sexual harassment policies again, in addition to the university-wide changes announced earlier this year. The Office for Civil Rights cited two specific incidents where the prominent school failed to respond swiftly and appropriately to student complaints.

The problem, in the eyes of many Harvard Law professors, is that the decision and the changes it kicks off (a) are flawed, and (b) fly in the face of the basic principles of law. Professors at the school, which has produced 20 Supreme Court justices, say the announcement could actually hurt the civil rights of students. They also see it as part of the federal government’s ongoing bullying of the nation’s institutes of higher education.
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