Arab students find homes in Turkey

Like many other students in the Arab world, Egyptian student Mohamed Hassan is looking at Turkey – a nation on the edge of the Middle East that is working to become a global higher education destination and is attracting students fed up with poor education quality at home or conflict that is tearing through the region, writes Sarah Lynch for Al-Fanar.

Turkey appeals to Egyptians and others from the Arab world because it is a modern Islamic country that isn’t too far from home. Visas are usually easy to obtain and it has close cultural ties to the region, students and academics say.

For Egyptian students recruited through Global Vision, a for-profit company which organised the study abroad fair held in eastern Cairo this week, “it’s an even bigger destination than the US, Canada and Australia”, said the company’s business-development manager, Alaa Hammouda. Some students even say they favour Turkey over Germany, where education is free.
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