Educationists oppose orders for curriculum changes

Educationists have opposed the prime minister’s orders for revision of the curriculum of schools, colleges and universities, insisting after the passage of the 18th Constitutional Amendment that it was the domain of provincial governments and not the centre, writes Ashfaq Yusufzai for Dawn.

“Policy, planning, curriculum and governance have devolved to provinces after the 18th Constitutional Amendment, so the provinces can make changes to curriculum in line with their own needs. The centre can’t interfere in such matters,” Khadim Hussain, the managing director of Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation, told Dawn.

The prime minister had asked the Higher Education Commission, or HEC, to revise the curriculum of compulsory subjects, including Pakistan Studies, English and Urdu, of all primary, middle and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities after due consultation and approval of the provincial governments. “The HEC has been assigned to make changes to curriculum, which is [a] negation of provincial autonomy,” Hussain said.
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