Students protest tuition fees for non-EU students

In next year’s budget, Norway’s government proposes to introduce tuition fees for international students from outside the European Union and European Economic Area, or EEA – despite overall parliamentary opposition. Student organisations are concerned, reports The Nordic Page.

Student organisations fear the introduction of fees will have a domino effect, leading the state to eventually charge everyone. “This is a bad idea. We cannot accept that the government will move away from a fundamental principle,” said leader of the Norwegian student organisation, Anders Kvernmo Langset. He noted that free higher education was one of Norway’s main competitive advantages and helped to attract top students.

As a response to the proposal, the International Students' Union of Norway held a demonstration outside the University of Oslo last week. Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, who participated in the protest, wrote on his blog: “The introduction of tuition fees for students from outside the EEA is a step that is difficult to understand. Experiences from Sweden are clear: such measures lead to the Europeanisation of the campus. The diversity on campus is reduced. The supply of essential skills for Norwegian industry is less.”
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