Increase in student transfers worries alumni offices

Already dealing with financial problems on many fronts, universities and colleges in the United States are worried that the large proportion of students transferring from one school to another will make it harder to solicit alumni donations, writes Jon Marcus for The Hechinger Report.

Today, one-third of all students change schools at least once in five years, and a quarter at least twice, according to the National Student Clearinghouse, which tracks this. Of those who ultimately earn degrees, nearly a quarter finish somewhere other than where they started.

“What motivates alumni to give is a sense of loyalty, an indebtedness that ‘I am who I am because of my education’, and a fondness for their time at an institution,” said Shaun Keister, vice-chancellor for development and alumni relations at the University of California, Davis. “What we don’t know from this generation that jumps around a lot is: are they ever going to have that warm and fuzzy feeling for the campus?”
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