Colleges provide campus snooze rooms

In college in America, the best grades are usually considered to be the product of sleepless nights. Now, universities nationwide are setting up designated rooms for napping or expanding existing spaces to show students that they don’t have to sacrifice sleep to do top work, writes Olivia B Waxman for Time.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the latest institution to make headlines for piloting a napping station through the autumn of 2014. In the walk-up to finals on 23 April 2014, six vinyl cots and disposable pillowcases were placed on the first floor of the University of Michigan’s Shapiro Undergraduate Library, which is open 24/7. First-come, first-served, with a 30-minute time limit on snoozing, the area was the brainchild of rising senior Adrian Bazbaz (23), an aerospace engineering major who came up with the idea as a member of U-M Central Student Government after watching countless students fall asleep in front of the library computers.
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