Cairo to ban politically affiliated student groups

Politically affiliated student groups and activities will be banned from the Cairo University campus with the start of the new academic year, writes Jihad Abaza for Daily News Egypt.

Speaking to state-owned MENA, the university’s President Gaber Nassar said student groups used for any political or partisan activities will be dissolved.

“It is not the university president’s right to make a decision like this,” said Sherif Hany, a teaching assistant in the engineering department at Cairo University. He added: “The student bylaws are what organise student activities and clubs on campus. During the Mubarak era, the student bylaws did not allow for politically affiliated clubs but after the [25 January] revolution this changed. Now, according to the student bylaws, no one has the right to prevent the creation of a club. The only condition is that the clubs not be religiously discriminatory.”
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