UK government tightens student visa rules

From November, it will be even more difficult for Indian students to travel to the United Kingdom for education, writes Kounteya Sinha for TNN. Britain recently announced a fresh crackdown on student visas as further measures of the Immigration Act came into force.

From November, tougher rules will be imposed on universities and colleges who sponsor international students to study in the UK. Currently, education institutions can enjoy Highly Trusted Sponsor status if the Home Office rejects 20% or fewer student applications as being invalid.

But that figure will be cut to 10% in November after a three-month grace period for colleges and universities to re-examine and improve their admissions procedures. If more than one in 10 applications are being rejected from November onwards, institutions could lose their right to bring in new students from overseas. The change will ensure all institutions are playing their part in administering immigration rules to enjoy the benefits of bringing in foreign students.
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