University regulator moots anti-corruption course

College principals and students have given positive feedback on the University Grants Commission's direction to include anti-corruption as a subject in the higher education curriculum, writes Piyush Bhusari for TNN.

The commission’s financial advisor, Upamanyu Basu, issued a letter on 11 June to vice-chancellors across the country. The letter directed them to include the anti-corruption subject along with relevant topics like law, public administration and human rights in the higher education curriculum.

Vivekanand College principal, Hindurao Patil, said: "Three years ago, the University Grants Commission recommended environmental studies as part of the syllabus for higher education and the decision was welcomed by all. I feel that the inclusion of anti-corruption studies as well as other allied topics such as public administration and law is very important for students. They need to know their fundamental rights."
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