Protests over university’s sacking of HIV expert

Religious activists, students and colleagues gathered outside Jamaica’s biggest university last Monday to protest against the firing of an HIV expert who testified on behalf of church groups defending an anti-sodomy law, reports Associated Press.

Brendan Bain, a retired professor who was removed as head of the Caribbean HIV-Aids Regional Training Network, did not attend the protest and has not commented on his firing. Last week, the university announced that it had fired Bain. It said he had a right “to provide expert testimony in the manner he did", but added that it had become evident Bain lost the support of “a significant sector of the community” served by the HIV prevention group.

The university said it terminated Bain’s contract because many authorities felt his testimony contributed “to the continued criminalisation and stigmatisation” of gay sex. Many of the demonstrators on Monday were members of Jamaica’s ‘Prayer 2000’ ministry that last year led a rally aimed at countering what they say is a growing mainstream acceptance of homosexuality.
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