Universities limit tenured positions

Korean colleges are hiring more professors on non-guaranteed contracts, as government-led college restructuring has been straining budgets, recent data has shown, reports Yoon Min-sik for The Korea Herald.

According to a survey last week by local media, at least 38.8% of newly hired professors this year had non-guaranteed contracts. Considering that few colleges reveal information about their new faculty members' contracts, the actual number is likely to be much higher.

Data revealed by Representative You Eun-hae of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy showed that the percentage of full-time lecturers who are on non-guaranteed contracts increased from 36% in 2010 to 50.8% in 2013. With the government pushing to revamp colleges to reduce the number of students, institutions are putting efforts into downsizing. Hiring teachers on non-guaranteed contracts makes it easier to dismiss them if they have to shut down or merge departments.
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