University begins new recruitment system

Zhejiang University, considered one of the top universities in China, is bringing in a new freshman recruitment system this year, in which the national college entrance exam will no longer be the only assessment, writes Yan Yiqi for China Daily.

The 'trinity system' will combine candidates' performance in high school evaluation tests, recruitment interviews by the university and the national college entrance exam. The national exam, known as gaokao, which used to be the sole assessment for school-leavers for university enrolment, will account for 60% in the trinity system. High school grades will account for 10% and interview scores will make up the remaining 30%.

The latest move is seen as another major step by the university following its introduction of independent recruitment in 2003, said Lu Guodong, acting dean of its undergraduate school. Lu said the trinity system was designed for students who were truly interested in and showed potential for specific majors.
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