Shielding researchers from animal rights activists

Their fear has caged them into silence. They have done what they can to hide their identities. But often, it's not enough to escape the threats and harassment. Animal researchers from public universities around Florida are now fighting to keep their personal information out of the hands of animal rights activists, writes Beatrice Dupuy for the Independent Florida Alligator.

A bill moving through the House of Representatives would exempt the personal identification information of animal researchers at public research facilities from being public record. The University of Florida, along with several state universities, is lobbying for the bill to protect researchers from potential danger and harassment.

In Gainesville, an animal rights group has made involvement personal. The Eleventh Hour for Animals, which works to expose "the taxpayer-funded animal torture industry inside the University of Florida", has published personal identification information on animal researchers on its website. The group, known primarily for targeting UF primate researchers, has publicised personal phone numbers, addresses and pictures of animal researchers.
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