University revokes approval for terrorist's visit

Muhammad Kana'ane, who served nearly five years in an Israeli prison for his involvement with Hezbollah, had planned to speak at Tel Aviv University on 7 April, but the institution released a statement the night before revoking the approval, reports Lidar Grave-Lazi for Jerusalem Post.

"Tel Aviv University adheres to the approval given to hold an event on campus to mark Land Day. However, given the concern about harm to public order, and since the request for the explicit participation of Muhammad Kana'ane was made only recently, without enabling preparations, the university does not approve of his participation in the event," the TAU statement read.

Kana'ane was invited to speak at a conference organised by the left-wing Hadash and Alouad-Bnei Hakfar student groups, but his participation in the planned event sparked outrage among right-wing groups on campus.
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