New 'gainful employment' proposal sparks criticism

The Barack Obama administration is facing a torrent of criticism over its new 'gainful employment' rule, a sweeping regulation designed to crack down on for-profit colleges while protecting taxpayer money from being wasted, writes Ben Wolfgang for The Washington Times.

The for-profit sector, along with Republicans and some Democrats on Capitol Hill, has slammed the new proposal, arguing that it will eliminate higher education opportunities for many Americans at a time when well-trained workers are needed more than ever. The regulations apply to about 8,000 specific schools or programmes in institutions across the country.

The new rule unveiled by the Education Department addresses the most common criticism of for-profit schools - that they run lacklustre programmes and leave students with worthless degrees while profiting from taxpayer dollars. Supporters vehemently dispute that characterisation and say the sector is an increasingly vital part of the higher education landscape.
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