Campus food pantries on the rise

Days after biology major Gillian Carll arrived at Stony Brook University, she encountered a young woman on a bench outside her dormitory who said she had nothing to eat. Carll got the student some food and later volunteered at Stony Brook's new food pantry - one of dozens cropping up at colleges as educators acknowledge the struggles many students face as the cost of higher education continues to soar, writes Frank Eltman for Associated Press.

"The perception is that if you are able to go to college and you have an opportunity to go to college, you're part of the haves of this country, not part of the have-nots," said Beth McGuire-Fredericks, assistant director for college housing at the Stony Brook campus on eastern Long Island and a co-founder of the pantry. "How can someone who's in college be someone who has a need like food?"

Tuition alone has become a growing burden, rising 27% at public colleges and 14% at private schools in the past five years, according to the College Board. Add in expenses for books, housing and other necessities of college life and some are left to choose between eating and learning.
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