Is there a 'rape culture' at Canadian universities?

They are all disturbing cases. Three Canadian universities, in different regions of the country. Episodes of male sexual aggression and, beyond that, an alleged assault. And three similar responses from the universities' leaders, identifying each campus with 'rape culture', writes Brian Hutchinson for National Post.

Coined some four decades ago, the term was not widely used. But it's now bandied about on campuses across North America, and the implication is startling, if unintended: despite decades of sexual politics, heightened awareness and warnings, prosecution, feminist instruction and activism, our institutions of higher learning are misogynistic traps. They are corrupted, dangerous environments for students, visitors and staff.

Are things really as bad as all that? At some schools where 'rape culture' has purportedly spread, leaders have failed to define the term, much less identify its traits. Does it even exist? Not everyone is convinced.
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